Grandes Block 2008 write up

Grande’s Block planted in 2008.
written By Josh Norton 2008

On the 7th of January three grandkids went out in the vineyard to plant some very special vines. It was an early morning start mind you! Dylan and Mitchell got the motorbike to primrose while Uncle Smiley (Anthony) go the tractor. Pappa , Allan and Josh went in the car. We started work at around 8:00. One vine after the other. Joshua and Mitchell swapped on the motorbike. Sometimes Joshua would pass the vines to the workman, Anthony, Allan, Marcus and Shane. Pappa said “10:00 you know what time it is”? So off we go and have our morning tea which on this case was a Banana!

Once we had finished that we were right back into work, row after row, vine after vine. Case of vines after case of vines. We got halfway down the row and the water runs out on the tractor to water the vines in! Allan went to fill up the tank and it took a good 15 minutes. Meanwhile we have a chat and a well earned break. Before we know it he is back and we are straight back into it. It took a while to get the concept right. We have a little bit of time before the sun goes down to get to the next row, so quickly we all start to plant the last row of vines. We were almost at the end of the row and yep you guessed it! Water runs out again! We were almost at the end! So instead of completing the row we decided we should call it a day. So we went home and got a nice tea roast and vegetables, which Roslyn had prepared for us during the day!

Up bright and early off we go the finish the last row. It took two hours to complete the row. Well we said what should we name the block? It took a while to think of a name but we decided on a quite fitting name! After all the work, effort, persistence and time  that the Grandkids put in it was only fitting to name it the –


Mitchell getting the wine ready for bottling. Emptying the Barrel and ready for bottles!

Mitchell getting the wine ready for bottling. Emptying the Barrel and ready for bottles!